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domingo, 9 de octubre de 2011

Preview del Behind-the-Scenes de Entertainment Tonight!

Todo indica que la semana que comienza va a estar muy movida, porque ET mostrará un detrás de cámaras de 'The Avengers', revelando las primeras escenas de la película que se estrena el próximo año. Esperamos que alguien suba el behid-the-scenes para que todos podamos verlo, por el momento los dejo con un preview bien rápido de lo que se verá mañana:

'Los Vengadores' llega a los cines el 4 de mayo de 2012.

5 comentarios:

  1. una chica que esta en facebook, describio el trailer de la exposicion de disney como lo vio y que decian en el texto:

    It shows Nick Fury and Tony Stark in that gym that we saw in the sneak peek. Probably a continuation of that scene.

    Steve: I've basically been dead for the past 70 years, sir. Everyone I know, that I loved, is gone. Dead. I have nothing to lose.

    Nick: The world does.


    Steve: Well with all due respect, sir, when I saved the world in the past, I didn't do it alone. I'm one man.

    Nick: Oh, you won't be alone. I can assure you that.

    Steve: There are two wars going on right now. You really think there are enough soldiers to---

    Nick: Mr. Rogers, I'm not talking about the military.

    Music starts to play as the Disney and Marvel Logo appear.

    Text: When the strong headed...

    Shot of Captain America looking at the new suit.

    Text: ... meets the uncontrollable...

    Shot of Ruffalo sprinting down a city street, as his eyes turn green. (I'm assuming by this he's trying to transform by getting his heart rate up)

    Text: .. and the mystical...

    Shot looking down at Thor looking up at the sky, twirling his hammer.

    Text: ... meets the technological...

    Shot of Tony getting into his new suit.

    Text: They must assemble...

    Shot of the four characters walking down the hall (same shot as the one from the sneak peek).

    Text: Do defeat the Unstoppable.

    Shot of Loki holding the cube in front of his face, then smirking at the end.

    At this point, the music picks up to a more epic level as its cuts from shot to shot. The ones I could remember:

    Captain America on his motorcycle, stopped on the street past ground zero to look at the construction.

    Thor and Ironman flying side by side.

    Hawkeye and Black Widow back to back as they both fire their weapons at the aliens. (This was the only time I remember seeing the aliens, though it was too quick to remember any detail and they were out of focus). This was the last shot of the mix, and quite interesting. It Loki blasting Thor from to top of a building, and we then see Thor falling unconsciously, his hammer falling out of his hand.

    It then shows "The Avengers" across the screen.

    It ends with the scene where Ironman is doing the head count and says "We have a hulk" and shows the Hulk roaring. I gotta say, the Hulk looks great. A lot different from both movies but much more realistic.

    Then it says "Coming s next summer" at the very end.

    Theres probably a lot I missed from the fast action shots, but I we'll all be able to see it soon. And It seems like Steve is quite hopeless and very unlike himself at the beginning of the film, but overall this got me very excited and this film is definitely gonna break records.


  2. para mi vanamostrara hulk convertido un poco mas tiempo y un poco mas de escenas de accion


  3. Dicen que esa descripcion es falsa

  4. puede que sea verdadera o falsa, pero se asemeja bastante con lo que describieron en las paginas de informacion.


  5. El que dijo haberlo visto dijo que fue con Real Steel en NY, pero ningun trailer de los vengadores ha sido mostrado con esa pelicula, y ademas solo el la vio? el trailer de los vengadores ha sido puesto con Real Steel pero en rusia y es el mismo avance que sale con Capitan America solo que con unas pequeñas modificaciones.

    el nuevo trailer va a llegar hoy!!!!
    no me aguanto!!!


comenta Aqui.

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